Some gifts are easy to stick under a tree: jewelry, toys, perhaps a new bicycle. But those are the ones they’ll be expecting. A pool for Christmas, however, creates a different kind of holiday magic.

Giving a swimming pool as a gift for Christmas is one of the most outside-the-box gifts you could give. It commonly appears on letters to Santa alongside unicorns, airplanes, and hovercrafts. But unlike these pipedreams, a pool is something you can actually deliver on.

Granted, it might not fit in any sleigh or stocking. But with a little creativity, you can rest assured your pool will be the best gift you “open” on Christmas morning. All you really need is a beautifully printed picture of what your new pool will look like, an envelope, and a shiny new bow and you’ve got the Christmas gift of a lifetime that will indeed keep on giving for years to come.

Why Get a Pool for Christmas?

When cold weather comes knocking, spending time at the pool starts to fall by the wayside. Most people aren’t dreaming of basking and splashing in the sun. Visions of fireside chats and football parties take over until spring puts pool time back on the radar.  

The reality is that a pool for Christmas can be enjoyed year-round. Some people love to decorate their pool for the holidays and use it as a backdrop for all of their backyard get-togethers. Others install pool heaters so they can swim no matter the season.

Regardless of how or when you plan to use your pool, here’s why a swimming pool makes the best Christmas gift. 

Give a Practical Gift

Putting childhood dreams aside, giving a pool as a Christmas gift comes with many practical advantages. You can avoid long checkouts lines in stores during the busiest shopping season of the year for starters. You don’t have to wait on delayed shipments or pay extra for faster shipping, nor is there a fear of having your package lost altogether.

There’s also a matter of gift wrapping. You don’t have to be a pro to wrap up your new swimming pool. No amount of present shaking will give away the surprise. And you can bet it’s something your loved ones won’t be expecting. 

Make Memories Together

The reasons for getting a pool for Christmas are like getting a pool at any time of year. First and foremost, many people choose to invest in a pool for the simple goal of spending more time with their family and friends.

Pools are the places where priceless memories are made. It’s the perfect excuse to break away from screens and devices and spend more time outdoors surrounded by the people you care about. From birthday parties to special occasions, celebrate every moment and milestone in the comfort of your backyard. Every day spent at the pool feels more like a vacation, a break from the daily norms.

Plus, if you have kids, having a pool at your house is a surefire way to get them to spend more time at home. You become the hot spot for all the “cool kids” in the neighborhood and give them a safe, fun place to play.

Get More Exercise

Many people choose to install their swimming pool to give them an incentive to live a more active lifestyle. Swimming is an excellent way to exercise because it provides a full-body workout and creates zero impact on joints.

It’s a fun way to stay healthy, regardless of how active you already are. These days, where many of us spend hours per day sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen, adding more movement to your day is more important than ever. And given the extreme Texas heat during the summer, familiar favorites like running or walking are easily replaced with a refreshing dip in your pool.

As a bonus, every time you indulge in a swim, you’re also getting your daily dose of Vitamin D. Sunlight is especially beneficial to the immune system, plus it helps strengthen the bones and improves our overall mood.


Increase Your Quality of Life

Many swimming pool owners agree that having a pool within a few steps from their back door has increased their quality of life.

They love having a place to retreat after a long day of work or daily stress. They relish being able to unwind without going to an expensive day spa or crowded resort.

It’s convenient and a lot more personal and private than visiting a community pool. You don’t have to wait until your next vacation to take a swim.

What’s more, with the right pool features, you can enjoy your swimming pool even when Texas winters are keeping most people indoors. This means you can stick with your swimming workouts year-round and continue to improve your health.

In some cases, a pool that is well maintained may also increase your property value. When it’s time to sell, your pool may appeal to the perfect buyer. It may also improve your neighborhood’s overall image and quality and create a community where people want to live.

Last but not least, having a pool is a great way to build a circle of friends. Use it as an icebreaker to get to know your neighbors, build stronger relationships, and grow your network. The opportunities are endless!

Surprise Your Loved One with the Ultimate Gift

When the family gathers around the tree on Christmas morning, it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s inside each package. A pool is certainly not one that’s going to be expected. 

Imagine your family’s surprise and delight when they open a package or envelope and see the gift that will soon be coming to their backyard. It’s all they’ll be talking about on Christmas morning, and they’ll start looking forward to their first swim in the pool. 

However, keep in mind that when you do give a pool as a Christmas gift, it’s going to be tough to top. 

Building a Swimming Pool in Winter

There’s a lot of incentive to start building your swimming pool during the winter months. For starters, there’s usually a decrease in demand for pools, since most people have pools on their minds when it’s warm and sunny outside. This means you may be able to get more attractive pricing on building costs, a huge plus when gifting a pool for Christmas.

It could also mean having your pool finished sooner. Pool builders typically experience a slowdown in business during the winter, so you can get closer to the top of the project list and have your pool completed as fast as the weather will allow.

When considering your new winter pool build, you’ll face the same set of choices as you would any other time of year:

Type and Size of Your Pool

There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating your backyard oasis. Today’s pools aren’t just rectangles in the ground but take on various styles, shapes, and materials. 

Your custom pool will be based on the size of your backyard, along with your personal preferences. Choose from several formats, including freeform pools, pools with a beach or zero-depth entry, or long pools that are perfect for swimming laps. 

You’ll also need to consider the material for your pool. Fiberglass is an excellent choice for pools with lots of curves. Some prefer to use tile, while others like the flexibility and infinite design options of concrete. It’s a good idea to work with a pool designer to explore all your options for decorative finishes, custom tile work, and even landscaping for when your pool is complete.

Pool Features

The right pool features will complement the overall pool design and allow you to enjoy your investment even more. For example, consider if you want things like waterfalls or fountains, fire pits, integrated water slides, or hot tubs as part of your new backyard retreat. It’s easier to build these things into the design rather than trying to add them later. 

There’s also another significant benefit of giving a pool for Christmas…

A Pool for Christmas Means a Pool for Summer

It might be cold right now, but getting a pool for Christmas means it will be ready for your entertainment as soon as the temperatures start rising. You’ll be dreaming of sunnier days all winter long, and a pool in your backyard is the perfect thing to pull you out of hibernation and into the great outdoors.

You might not have your pool entirely installed by Christmas, but you can start the ball rolling for the holidays and get your ideas on paper and ready for construction.

At Splash Pools, we love making dreams come true for Christmas! Now is the time to start talking about your pool goals. Contact us today for a consultation and a new pool quote.


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