There’s nothing like chilling in a nice pool to beat the summer heat, right? And if they are custom designed pools, not is it all the more fun, but you also garner a lot of ooh’s and aah’s from friends and family who visit you. A perfect pool is the one that not only looks good on the outside, but also has a lot of features installed that enable you to enjoy your moments of fun even more.

Splash Pools has been in the business long enough to know what will fit our clients’ desires and budget. Like any good pool installation company in DFW, we understand the requirements of our customers and our team leaves no ston” unturned to provide them with the pool of their dreams.

Building a custom pool is always fun. You can choose from a range of the latest features, both functional and decorative, to make your custom pool one of a kind.

So what are these functional and decorative features that we are talking about? To list a few, here’s what you can get if you install a custom pool:

Water Slides

Built-in water slides are entertaining, for kids and adults alike. This is an excellent way to enjoy getting to spend those hot summer days and weekends at home.

Flower Beds

Add some color and pop to your custom pool with some accentuating flower beds. Choose the right plants, and these low maintenance planters can add so much energy to your pool area.

Rock Walls and Benches

Want to add a fantastic look to your custom pool? Then installing rock walls is on top of our list! And you can combine them with matching benches or sitting areas to mix functionality and style.

Automatic Covers

While they give you moments to cherish, pools also need protection and safety. Adding automatic covers helps you maintain your custom pool in a better and easy way.

Tanning Ledges

What’s a pool without a tanning ledge? For that extra relaxation, you can add a princess deck to your custom built pool and make those weekends even more fun!


Lend a natural look to your custom-made pool with grottos (a natural or artificial cave), which are available in multiple designs and options to suit your tastes. Grottos are one of the most popular features for a pool, but also one that can be built in any configuration so that no two grottos look the same.

Custom Spas

When you have a pool, why not also have a beautiful spa or hot tub alongside? After a long day, you know you can get home and relax in your hot tub with a tall glass of wine!


Deck jets can be installed in any which way you desire, within your pool ledge or on top of it. They may be old school, but never out of style and never fail to enhance the splendor of your pool.

Fire Pit

Amazing to look at and a brilliant way for you to warm up after a good swim. Fire pits can be custom made in any shape and size, complementing the overall look of your pool.
There are several other features that we can design and create to customize your new pool in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Give us a call today at 844-977-5274 to get your free design estimate.


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