Whenever someone talks about summer, the first few things which come to our minds are – beaches and hanging out at the pool. Now, what if we upscale the pool a little bit by adding a swim-up pool bar. Yes, you read that right. The last time you thought about such a bar was probably when you were vacationing. Sipping on a beverage while sitting on a stool built underneath the water is incredible. Now, such bars have become a feature that several of the luxury homes have.


Swim-Up Pool Bar Design Elements

What is a swim-up pool bar, and how do you integrate it? Imagine a situation where you are relaxing with your beverage in a pool on a hot sunny day, and at the end of the drink you can fill up your glass without having to get out of the pool because you can swim over to the pool bar! A swim-up pool bar is a structure built into a custom pool. Such a pool must be concrete i.e., a granite/shotcrete pool. Such pool bars include a countertop, barstools, and a serving area outside swimming pool known as “dry area” or “dry side”


The countertop of the bar can be of any shape or size depending upon the aesthetics of the pool and the taste of the person. It can be straight, curved, oblong, etc. People, sometimes, choose the material and color of the countertop in contrast to the rest of the material and color of the pool to make it more appealing and a center of attraction in the backyard. However, the most common approach people follow is to use the material which coordinates with the rest of the pool.


The number of stools is entirely up to you. Typically, the amount varies between 2 to 6 depending upon the size and design of the pool. These stools are permanently affixed to the floor of the pool. Again, the height of the stools also depends upon the choice but generally, the top of the stools is below the water. It is built in such a fashion that the upper half of the person sitting on the stool is out of the water and the lower half below is below water. It is built this way to provide a fun and unique experience!

Shade Structure

A shade structure is always recommended in the design so you can enjoy your time at the swim-up pool bar in the shade. Some swim-up pool bars also include an outdoor kitchen with complete equipment and a TV.

When planning to integrate a swim-up pool bar, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first and foremost thing while preparing for such a bar is space availability. Once you have determined that there is enough space to include the swim-up pool bar, you will want to figure out how large you want the bar to be as well as what other features you will want to include.  Placement of the other features such as a pavilion and outdoor kitchen is vital for your outdoor space to work together how you want it to.

Whether you are considering to include a swim-up pool bar in the design of your custom pool build or are looking to add one to your existing pool, you will want a professional that will do a fantastic job. Get in touch with our team at 844-977-5274 to get your free design estimate.


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