Quick tips for swimming pool maintenance

Having a swimming pool on your property is a dream come true. Imagine spending long hours lounging poolside with your family or hosting fun, relaxing pool parties for your friends. A pool in your own backyard is surely going to add some glitz and glamour to those boring hot summer days.

However, your pool requires quite a bit of regular maintenance to look sparkling clean and inviting. Proactive pool maintenance will go a long way in preventing common pool problems such as algae build-up, broken filters and cloudy water. Regular upkeep also improves your pool’s longevity and reduces lifecycle costs. You may hire a professional to maintain your swimming pool and keep it in top shape. But for DIY enthusiasts, here are some easy, no-stress pool maintenance tips that will keep your pool clean, hygienic and looking pristine at all times.  

Skim off leaves and debris

Who wants to swim in a pool with insects, leaves and other debris floating around? Skimming the surface of your pool makes sure it stays clean and inviting. You may need to skim off the debris and other unwanted particles almost every single day.  

Keep an eye on pool chemistry

It is important to test the levels of sanitizer, pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness. Maintaining an ideal pool chemistry is critical to keeping the water in your pool clean, clear and safe to swim in.

Keep an eye on algae build-up

Algae growth not only causes your pool to look unsightly but also poses a safety hazard as it makes the pool floor slippery. Poor water balance, lack of algae treatment, high pH and low sanitizer levels are some of the main reasons behind algae build up in your pool. Regularly scrub the pool surface, maintain the right water balance and use algaecide on a weekly basis to minimize algae growth.

Clean the skimmer and pump basket

Regular cleaning of the skimmer and pump basket is important to make sure the pool pump is working at its peak. Clogged baskets place additional strain on the pump and may even cause the seals to fail. An inefficient pool pump doesn’t allow the chemicals to circulate properly, leading to unfiltered water. Make sure the pump is turned off when you are removing the debris from the baskets. And don’t forget to replace the damaged or cracked baskets when needed.

Clean the pool surfaces, tiles and pool liner

Brush off the sides and the bottom of the pool to get rid of the dirt, slime and algae. Vacuum all the surfaces to get a sparkly, clean pool. Sunscreen, deodorant and other grooming products that you use goes in the water, forming layers of dirt and grime over time. It is important to regularly wipe down the tiles and pool surfaces to prevent the build-up of slime and algae and to extend the life of your pool.

Perform the pool shock

Shocking the pool is a sure-fire way to keep the pool water safe and clean. Pool shock destroys bacteria, dirt, organic matter and other contaminants that can make you fall sick. You can shock the pool every week or according to directions specified by the manufacturer. Shock treatments also work best before and after a pool party or after storms.

Other quick tips for preventive pool maintenance:

  1. Clean the filter regularly.
  2. Check for any issues on the pool floor such as cracks and chips.
  3. Makes sure the seals in the motor and pump are working properly.
  4. Clean your pool deck regularly.

Cleaning, skimming and vacuuming your pool and maintaining the right chemical balance in the pool on a regular basis will make sure you can enjoy a safe swimming season all summer long. Enjoy your pool and happy swimming!!


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